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The audio book 'Irgendeiner wartet immer ...' existed from 24.07.2009 until 31.01.2013

at BookRix., then there where all audio books deleted.

But of course you can listen and free download 'Irgendeiner wartet immer ...' here.

'Irgendeiner wartet immer ...': Lyric, spoken words and sampling by Raimund J. Höltich


Or here.




You can read the poem 'Irgendeiner wartet immer ...'

in the book 'The Suicide Society', with english translation
My music project The Suicide Society








My old band X X X



X X X at Reverbnation: www.reverbnation.com/xxxhamburg


X X X from Hamburg, Germany existed 1995 and 1996.


X X X was:

Jan Schröder: Guitar, voice, lyrics and music (all songs)

Raimund J. Höltich (X-Ray): Bass Guitar, music of "Openmindet" (with Jan Schröder)

Michael Stempel: Drums




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